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Broadback fishing Camp


Fishing first and foremost

Broadback Outfitter is proud to offer a unique and authentic experience to all anglers, both beginners and experienced. The fishing trips we offer are all-inclusive in order for our guests to focus on the essentials: fishing!


From arrival to departure, you will be accompanied by experienced fishing guides who know the outfitter inside out. They go out of their way to take you on fishing outings that’ll make your trip memorable.


Broadback Outfitter’s history dates back to the 1950s. At that time, the main activity consisted in catching Brook Trout on the river by fly fishing. As the territory was still little known and exploited, the outfitter managed to haul in several prize catches of particular species in these early days. After a few years, Broadback Outfitter expanded its activities to include Northern Pike and Walleye fishing in an effort to attract more customers and extend the fishing season.

The outfitter has many years of experience and has had many satisfied clients. As a result, today we offer an unparalleled fishing experience thanks to our facilities, the expertise of our guides, and an abundance of Walleye, Northern Pike and Brook Trout.

Broadback Outfitter offers an all-inclusive experience so that you can focus on what really matters: fishing! So bring your fishing rod, and we’ll take care of the rest!

As soon as you arrive, you will be warmly welcomed by our experienced guides who know the waters of the outfitter like the back of their hand. Located in a remote area, Broadback Outfitter is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and fully enjoy fishing.


You’re still not sure whether you should book your trip with us? See for yourself what the Broadback experience is all about: nature, relaxation, fun, and, above all, lots of quality fish!
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