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How to get to
Broadback fishing Camp

There are two ways to get to Broadback fishing camp.


From Chibougamau, you have to drive for approximately 50 km on the road to Oujé-Bougoumou. At kilometer 22 of the road to Oujé-Bougoumou, turn right onto the gravel road. There, you’ll see a large sign that reads “Broadback Outfitter”. You then have to travel another 77 km on gravel roads to get to the meeting point on the shores of Lake Assinica, where our guides will be waiting for you. You can park your car there for the duration of your stay at no charge. From there, we’ll transport you by boat to the fishing camp. Travel time is approximately 1 hour.

Please note that the road to the meeting point requires a four-wheel-drive vehicle. If you don’t have a suitable vehicle, you must continue on the main road to Oujé-Bougoumou. Upon arrival, you can park your vehicle free of charge and we will transport you to the meeting point on Lake Assinica. There is a $125.00 round trip transportation fee for this service.
Our camp is accessible by floatplane through Waasheshkun Airways located in Mistissini. Please contact Waasheshkun Airways for rates (418) 923-3236. Floatplane transportation is not included in our packages.

You can park your car for the duration of your stay at no charge at the Mistissini Marina. The duration of the flight from Mistissini to our camp  is approximately 40 minutes.