At the Broadback fishing camp you'll have the occasion and pleasure of catching three types of fish in the same voyage.

Speckle trout

This fish can be caught at the beginning and the end of the fishing season. However, for experienced fishers magnificient catches can be achieved during the summer. The trout can be caught solely by fly fishing on the river and by troller on the lake. We believe restricting the kill to one trophy trout will continue to preserve the quality of fishing.


If you're looking for fast action, walleye fishing here is incomparable. Some of them run quite large and are delicious. Caught on the bay and the lake during the whole fishing season these fish weigh on average 3 pounds. All Walleye fish under 15 inches wil be put back in the water in order to insure reproduction.

Northern Pike

Captured during the whole fishing season these fish are so big, 15-20 pounds, and may we advise that you bring extra tackle. Can be caught by troller, but for those looking for strong sensations we suggest you tease by using flies.

Catch Quotas

Speckle trout: 2.5kg + 1 trophy
Walleye: 8 units
Northern pike: 8 units

.B. :   All fish caught above quota will be consumed at the camp.